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Our vision is to create meaningful connections and increase dating opportunities for busy professionals

We provide a bespoke matchmaking service which connects like-minded single professionals at great restaurants in London.

Why Mai Tai? Quite simply, Mai Tai is my favourite cocktail and it's Tahitian for very good. Of course, cocktails are all about having a good time, relaxing and having fun. Which is exactly what we want to offer you, a chance to meet great people who have a passion for enjoying life in the city.


As a Londoner, I am truly proud of my city, after all, I live in one of the best cities in the world! London has so much to offer in both the social and professional scene. Over the years I have met so many cool people, attended great workshops, classes and events which have all been good fun. With so many good experiences I thought that it would be awesome if every professional Londoner had a more convenient way to connect with others at exclusive dating events or over dinner.


We are passionate about using innovation and tech to bring people together in new & interesting ways #GetOnline2GetOffline. Our mission is to create more opportunities for love, laughter and long term relationship. We want you to join our community of inspiring professionals so that you can make new connections for a romantic relationship.

I am a certified matchmaker for singles who love life and want someone to share it with. Besides matchmaking, I offer date coaching, dating strategy, and online dating support. 

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Our Project Manager, Shar is a London based Biologist and she often does talks on the neuroscience of love and the conflict between hormones and logic on a first date. In the same way that your DNA makes you unique, I figured that our service needed to be bespoke and one of a kind... just like you! Stage 1 involved researching the psychology of compatibility and then designing a personality quiz based on The Big Five model. Then we worked on a bespoke matchmaking framework which combines psychology, science and modern tech. This means that our dating club offers a fresh alternative to online dating that doesn't already exist! Finding love in the city is time-consuming and it’s tough to find a selection of vetted individuals who have the same aspirations as you. We exist to make dating great again. If you’re a foodie we’ll match you with someone fab in a great restaurant and so you can become friends or even something more! 

These days connection is all about poking, liking or winking but the truth is that as everyone’s virtual friendship groups keep growing really quickly, ironically this is often done in the solitary confinement of their own homes, where there is little opportunity for actual face to face interaction. I want to coax people out of their onesies and back into the city where the real fun is happening. Don’t get me wrong I love Netflix and I think they really know me well but Mai Tai has access to the biggest and best events in London and I am personally inviting you to come and join us. 

Best regards

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Dinner Dates for Busy Professionals

* Access a personalised dating service

*Enjoy the dating experience by meeting people offline

* Top-notch food & great company with another member

Mai Tai doesn’t want to be a faceless brand, yes that is a picture of us just above, we want to get to know the members. Tell us what you like what you don’t like using our simple feedback system for each event. Of course, any suggestions are acceptable by email but I’d prefer to meet you face to face! We follow the Dating Agency Associations code of practice for a premium dating service.

If you have any questions or you are a top restaurant who would like to be a partner please contact us at