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Our Philosophy

We understand that your downtime is precious and Mai Tai Balance is designed to help you get the most out of your free time. Let us work hard, so you can play even harder.

Unique and outstanding providers

London networking

Unique and outstanding providers

Expect to find a large selection of events to go to and activities to do in London, all hand-picked by us.

The best events in London

The best events in London

Allow our unique and innovative service to inspire you with different things to do in London.

Improved work-life balance

work-life balance

Improved work-life balance

Achieve the perfect balance between work and your social life with a personalised events calendar.


Mai Tai Balance

  • Gain access to events exclusive to Mai Tai members and grow your social and professional network.

  • Start new collaborations and business relationships with our ultimate London networking events calendar (full memberships coming soon).

  • Book a huge variety of things to do in London including sporting activities, theatrical events and access to the best fashion shows.

  • Know where the Mai Tai events are at with our ultimate events calendar.

You are a few clicks away from restoring your work-life balance

London networking events

What makes us different?

Mai Tai opens the door to new experiences and gives you the chance to expand your social and professional circles. We offer discounts on exciting events around London but we are much more than just this. We are an exclusive networking club of professional people sharing interests, experiences and ideas.

Set yourself a challenge and embrace something new (full memberships coming soon).

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