Thanks for joining us

Why Mai Tai? Quite simply, Mai Tai is my favourite cocktail and believe me, anything with good quality rum involved always holds my interest. Of course, cocktails are all about having a good time, relaxing and having fun. Which is exactly what we want to offer people, a chance to enjoy life as much as possible.

As a Londoner, I am truly proud of my city, after all, I live in one of the best cities in the world! This city has so much to offer in both the social and professional scene. Over the years I have met so many cool people, attended great workshops, classes and events which have all been good fun. With so many good experiences I thought that it would be awesome if every professional Londoner had a more convenient way to access the perfect work/life balance so I am inviting you to come and discover a London you have not yet met.

I also wanted to shake things up a little. These days connection is all about poking, liking or winking. People laugh at me for having only twelve friends on Facebook but the truth is that as everyone’s virtual friendship groups keep growing really quickly, ironically this is often done in the solitary confinement of their own homes, where there is little opportunity for actual face to face interaction. I want to coax people out of their onesies and back into the city where the real fun is happening. Don’t get me wrong I love Netflix and I think they really know me well but Mai Tai has access to the biggest and best events in London and I am personally inviting you to come and join us.

Mai Tai Group doesn’t want to be a faceless brand, yes that is a picture of me just below in the corner on the left, I want to get to know the members. Tell us what you like what you don’t like using our simple feedback system for each activity booked. Of course, any suggestions are acceptable by email but I’d prefer to meet you face to face!

And finally, pulling off a project this fantastic takes a lot of time and effort and I have had a great team around me to make this happen. So big shout out to the rest of the Mai Tai team who helped the business plan become a reality.

We all look forward to seeing you soon.