FAQ – London networking & executive dating


Mai Tai Balance FAQ

What kind of social events will I be invited to?

Our London events are all themed and designed with our members’ interests in mind, to make sure that you enjoy them.

Why do I need to give feedback after attending events or activities?

It’s really helpful for us and our partners  to know how you find an event or activity, so that we can refine them and make them as enjoyable as possible for you.

Who attends Mai Tai Events?

Mai Tai Events are open to everyone, including both couples and singles. You don’t have to be in a relationship – or looking for one – to attend.

What can I expect at the London networking Meet-ups?

We’d love to find out about your experiences and for you to share them with other members in a relaxing social environment. Attend our professional networking events if you want to meet people from a range of industries across the city and grow your social and professional network.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, you can freeze your membership. This means we’ll put your membership on hold until you are ready to return again, and you won’t need to redo the registration process when you come back.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. Cancel online at anytime. Memberships are renewed each month with no contract, and can be cancelled at any time because no commitment is needed.

What kind of person uses this membership?

Mai Tai Balance members are diverse – they are often professionals from a variety of fields. They have lived in the city for at last three years and love London.


Mai Tai Connect FAQ

What will most of the other members  be like?

Most of our members are happy being single but open to dating if they meet the right person.

Will my membership give me a set number of dates each month?

No. We value quality over quantity and we really want to help you make the right connections. We don’t set a fixed number of dates but will help you get the most out of your profile.

Where will my date be?

We partner with a selection of fantastic restaurants all over London - you only need to tell us is what kind of cuisine you prefer to avoid.

Will my personal details be available to other members?

No we respect your privacy completely. Only your first name and photo will be shared with your date, just before you meet.

How is the person that I go on the date with selected?

Once the counter match is done using the information from your deal breakers, our Dating Consultants get to work to looking at similarities in backgrounds, and using intuition to find the best potential match for you. Each Dating Consultant uses their own techniques based on  based on research, compatibility and understanding your preferences

Is this online dating?

No. We call it online2offline dating. While you start the process online, we help you make all the interactions offline so you can get a real sense of potential chemistry.

What sort of feedback will I have to give about the date?

You don’t have to share anything personal or specific to your date. We’d simply like to know how you found the restaurant experience – and how you thought your date went. We will also ask if you be seeing each other again, or stay in touch as friends.

Why can’t I view profile and deal breakers information about the person I will meet online?

Mai Tai is all about helping you make real life connections, so we like to keep this information for when you meet. By doing this we have also eliminated the need to spend hours studying personal profiles.

Why are all member’s ID verified by an external company?

Member safety and security is really important to us to make sure you have the best dating experience. All members must be aged 28 or over, so we verify each member's’ age and address to make sure this is the case.

Can members be banned?

Yes. If you cancel a date without sufficient notice or are reported for not following our dating etiquette code, your membership will be revoked.

What can I expect on the date?

You’ll meet someone who is friendly and interested in finding out more about you, and get to enjoy a great night out in a restaurant that is tailored to your preferences.

Do I need to pay for anything on the date?

Your two-course meal with drinks is already paid for – all you need to pay for are any extras you might enjoy.

Does having a 6-month membership increase my chances of being selected for a date?

Yes. The longer you stay on our database, the better we get to know you, and the more accurately our Dating Consultants can pick a potential date.

What is the typical customer profile for this membership?

Mai Tai Connect members are often professionals or entrepreneurs who have reached senior roles in their careers, and are looking to for a serious relationship. We are by no means just offering elite dating.