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It’s no secret that finding the right soulmate, especially in a massive city, is no easy feat. But if you really think about it, love is just another mathematical equation. There are addition, subtraction and division, and if you can solve it, you are likely to end up with the man or woman of your dreams.

Love is All About the Numbers

Most of the time equations are complex but that doesn’t mean it can’t be solved-it’s not the theory of relativity, you know. The main problem is most of us use the wrong methods in solving the love equation, and that’s why this piece was written: To help you know when to apply the right methods to ultimately give you the solution you seek.

Most of our members who seek guidance and counselling when it comes to love have achieved so much in their professional lives already, but so much is lacking in their love lives. This is perfectly understandable, and the thing you should know about love is, it’s very patient.

Love can wait for you until you’re ready for it, but you can’t dawdle and waste because even though love is eternal, our minds, hearts and bodies aren’t. Are you ready to change your love life for the better? Of course, you are, else you wouldn’t be reading these words right now.

Why Your Love Life Just Isn’t Adding Up

For most of us, the perfect partner is the person who comes full of all the qualities we desire. So when it comes to choosing the person we believe will be ‘the one’, we add up all these qualities we find attractive and start looking around for the person who fits the bill. That’s a bad move. Doing this is just wrong and we’ll explain why.

Your Ideal Partner

Ask yourself a simple question: Are you perfect? Probably not. Are we perfect? Nope. Is anyone at all perfect? We doubt it. So if we’re in agreement here, why do you only seek a partner who has all the attributes you want; someone who’s perfect in your eyes?

Don’t go about it like that. Go about it like the mature and experienced adult we know you are. All humans are flawed. That’s what makes us human. If, despite your endless flaws, someone can love you and find sanctuary in you, shouldn’t you be able to reciprocate the love and care?

Why Do We Have Unrealistic Expectations?

In all honesty, we blame the media for this. Well, not entirely, but a large part of the blame should be on the kind of content the TV and the internet feed us. There are so many other things that we can put blame too, but it all comes down to how the media misdirects you from the reality of things.

The fairy tales you watched while growing up that always preached ‘happily ever after’ and the long lives we believe we will live all teach us to think age is on your side when that couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Take for instance this report by the ONS (Office for National Statistics): In the year 1841, a newborn girl was not expected to reach the age of 43. Yeah, it was that bad.

In modern times, it’s somewhat better as that number is doubled: Life expectancy is about 82 years, and the average age for marriage in England and Wales hovers between 34 and 40 years.

Despite the fact we live longer than folk of centuries past, it does not mean we should kick back and relax. It’s not a ticket for us to do as we please, wasting our time by sifting through love candidates until we find the perfect one

 Let’s be frank, what’s to say you’ll even reach age 60, much less 80? We’re not trying to be pessimistic-just honest. Love can wait for you, but that in no way means you should make it wait. Make judicious use of your time.

That’s one side of the coin and on the other side, we tell you what you should be doing. An analysis on market research conducted by Mai Tai Dating advises you to use ‘subtraction’ instead of ‘addition’ when experimenting with love.

What this means is, contrary to popular belief, doing away with anything you don’t like (deal breakers) in a potential partner could lead you to the kind of partner you desire. Deal breakers are more significant and feasible than the unrealistic aspirations you may have of meeting the perfect partner.

Why Deal Breakers Are Important

Deal breakers are things you dislike or even find repugnant, right? Well, in an odd and ironical way, deal breakers might actually be the exact things you’re looking for. Bear with us, and we’ll explain. If deal breakers often underlie the manner you look for a partner, use subtraction and get rid of those deal breakers. How will this benefit you?

It will open doors to meet new people from a broader demography. These are people you would have once never entertained the idea of meeting, but not anymore. Time and history have proven that sometimes, the wildcards we never thought we would like are exactly the kind of people we need in our lives.

You know what we’re talking about. We’ve all uttered those phrases before: ‘He’s not my usual type’, and that makes us curious’. ‘She seems different’, so we end up wanting to know more.  It’s when we say things like these the dating scene becomes really interesting.

Granted, love is complicated, but at Mai Tai Dating, we believe there’s a solution that simplifies love to a certain, appreciable extent. Have a look at it and tell us what you think:

Attraction + Mutual Attachment ÷ Commitment = ‘True Love’

If we break down this equation biologically, it’s simply a combination of physiological responses to dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. Other hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins also have a part to play a little later depending on how close the couple get.

Love at First Sight? Seriously? Are You for Real?

This phrase isn’t uttered for no reason. It’s very normal for people to fall head over heels for someone merely seconds after meeting them. But it’s not sense or logic that’s at play here; control is exerted by those pesky chemicals we talked about a bit earlier. Dopamine and serotonin take the wheel and steer you away from the most blatant and obvious flaws in the person sitting right before you.

It would thus be prudent to sit down and scrutinize what constitute deal breakers for you and seek the services of a relationship expert concerning them, but this should be done prior to any plans you make about living the single life.

Clearly, this is an unconventional approach though, because you’re trying to find a partner by looking at the things you don’t want in a partner, but that’s why we have Dating Consultants that can guide you along every step of the way.

These consultants can succeed where you fail by matching you with the perfect man or woman using our proven partner-selection methodologies, and all this is done without pervasive and unnecessary distractions in the way.

Solve the Love Equation

This was developed by a London science professional who had Londoners in mind when he did so. Reach out to the experts to help you solve this equation. We’re always happy to help.

By understanding which of the ‘Big Five’ personality groups you belong to, and by taking cognizance of what you deem are deal breakers for you, Mai Tai Dating Consultants will have all the information and numbers they need to do the complex math and find the right solution for you.

So, that’s about it. No equation is too complex for us. No man or woman is too far out of your league for us. No situation is too complex for us to unravel. Do you have tough questions? Relax, because Mai Tai has all of the answers.

Any and all enquiries you have on the new matchmaking methodologies we utilize for elite dating will be promptly tended to by yours truly. We’re always here, ready to give a listening ear and honest voice to all those in need. Give us a shout out on this number: 020 3603 5035. We look forward to hearing from you! Cheers!