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Most of the time, it feels like pretty much all of the relationship advice on the internet is geared towards women. If you’re a man in need of relationship advice, then we’ve got you covered!

Don’t be Shy

You don’t want to sit around and wait for your partner to talk to you if there’s something on your mind then get it out. Your relationship can suffer if you choose to suffer in silence. Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings or bring something up that might be bothering you. Trust us, you’ll feel much better when you get it out there.

Try New Things

Part of the fun of a relationship is trying new things together. If you stay resilient and don’t take to new activities, then things can get a bit stale. Spice things up with a trip to a new restaurant, visit another city or plan a romantic date. Your partner will love it and you might just have a great time too.

Be Yourself

In the early stages of dating, we’re all tempted to make ourselves seem more exciting. The chances are your partner will eventually find out that you’re not an Olympic gymnast, rock star and artist all rolled into one. Be yourself from the start and then you won’t need to worry about fessing up, later on, it will be a weight off your mind.

Define what you’re Looking for

While writing a list might seem like overkill, seriously consider what you’re looking for in a partner. List a few traits you’d like and some that you can’t live without, then when you meet someone you’ll have more of an idea of whether they’re compatible with you long term. Obviously, you don’t need to bark these at a date, but do keep them in mind as you go through the early stages. Some of these may change over time too, as your own character changes.

Give and Receive Romantic Gestures

While the romcoms might make you feel like only women can expect big romantic gestures, you can too! A relationship goes both ways and you want to receive as well as giving. Treat your partner and then you can expect treats in return if you’re with the right partner. Reciprocating romantic gestures feels good for both partners and it’s bound to strengthen your relationship too.

Enjoy your own Interests

Becoming co-dependent with your partner is an easy trap to fall into. You eat together, live together, socialise together and more! Take time to get back to your own interests, you can share these with your partner but you can also use them for some time to yourself. When the walls start closing in, take a break and chill out with a hobby you love – your relationship will thank you!

That’s everything you need to know about maintaining and growing a relationship with the right partner. Remember that you’ll only ever get as much as you put into a relationship, so be prepared to work on it to make yourself and your partner happy.