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We all know that finding a soul mate in the city is tough but when you boil it down, finding love is a mathematical equation. The problem is, the majority of us are using the wrong method and falling short of finding the right solution.

When thinking about a potential partner most people use addition, creating a list of attributes that they find attractive. The sum of this is a composite companion made up of all their romantic requirements.

However, unrealistic expectations fuelled by the media and fairy tales coupled with longer life expectancies are skewing our results. The ONS reports that in 1841 the average new-born girl was not expected to see her 43rd birthday. These days life expectancy is almost double at 82, and with the average age for marriage in England and Wales at between 34 and 40 we now feel like we’ve got all the time in the world to get picky when looking for “the one”.

Conversely, according to the analysis of market research by Mai Tai Dating subtraction is the key. Taking away what you know you don’t want (Deal Breakers) may hold the answer. We know that these “Deal Breakers” hold much more weight and are far more important than what may be unrealistic expectations of a future partner.

So, what happens if we use subtraction instead? Deal Breakers can really mix up your usual type and open up the field to the ones that never would have made it through otherwise! In a lot of cases, after all, it’s the wild cards that get us in the end, isn’t it? The, “they’re not my usual type” – and we all know that that’s where the dating scene can get really interesting.

There’s no doubt that true love is complicated, but at Mai Tai Dating we think that a more simplified way of thinking about it could look something like this:

Attraction + Mutual Attachment ÷ Commitment = "True Love"

Biologically speaking, this equation is a combination of physiological responses to dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. Other hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins have a part to play a little later depending on how close the couple get.

During your first few dates, these chemical messengers go into overdrive, with dopamine and serotonin being the main culprits in making you oblivious to any flaws.

This is why we believe that defining Deal Breakers and discussing them with a relationship expert is an essential step before making plans to do something about being single if that’s what you want.

By taking the unconventional approach of looking for what you definitely don’t want our Dating Consultants have a better chance of finding the perfect match using our proven partner selection methodologies without getting distracted by composite companions or fairy tales.

Developed by a London science professional with Londoners in mind you can turn to the experts to help you solve the equation. By understanding which of the Big Five personality group you belong to, Mai Tai’s Dating Consultants can use this information coupled with your deal breakers to do the maths and find the right solution for you.

If you have any questions about the new matchmaking methodologies for elite dating in the city give me a shout on 020 3603 5035.

Shar Fuller