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This fab Good Men Project blog highlights the highs and the lows of finding the right dating site that is as unique as you are! Niche dating sites can work if you find the right one.

Happy new year guys!

Based on the blog below your new year’s dating resolutions should be:

  1. Commitment - Stick to 3 dating sites that cater to what you are after.
  2. Mindset – Make sure you don’t have any negative preconceived ideas about meeting your soulmate.
  3. Goals – Write down your relationship goals and make sure they are clear and measurable.
  4. Social media – Only click on dating adverts that are not generic.
  5. Time management – Don’t waste time swiping through profiles on sites that have bots or lots of profiles of inactive users.

For some, it can be as easy as meeting someone who shares the same passion or hobby. Have you signed up to the gym yet? You know that they’ll probably have a discount for the new year… What about tag rugby or football? I’m sure that there are a few local community tennis clubs to choose from. Anyway, enough of stating the obvious because you might think that increasing your social circles and meeting new people is far too much effort for meeting a new partner.


Dating Adverts on Facebook

“Raise your hand if you’re single and you’re on Facebook? Okay. Thanks

Now raise your hand if you’ve ever tried online dating? Great.

One more question. How many single people on Facebook see those BS ads on the right side of the page, click the ad yet somehow never see the person in the ad? Yeah. Same here.

If you’ve never seen these ads, they truly are amazing. Facebook was nice enough to take the time to tailor the ad just for me. Apparently, there are a lot of large breasted women who are looking for 53-year-old single fathers of adult children”.

Facebook has a strict policy about who they allow to adverting dating services and how it is advertised. I guess most advertising will try to elicit an emotional response but if the site just has good looking models and they don’t have a key message that appeals to you don’t bother clicking. I don’t know of any website that would use their member's pictures to advertise their service bust as best practice they should at least use images that are representative of the offering.

 “I know that Facebook has my back because until last month the women were looking for 52-year-olds. Now that I think about it, the year before they were looking for 51-year-olds.

False Advertising

“When I click on the site (which has pictures of extremely attractive women) I see women, lots of the women. Do they look like the woman in the ad? Not a one them! I call this false advertising. And getting ones hopes up. Neither is cool. Not cool at all.

If you have something that you’re passionate about and are looking for that special someone who also shares the same interest, hit up your favourite search engine and begin typing.

It has to be worth a try, right? You can go through hundreds and probably thousands of profiles on the big, general dating sites before finding someone who shares your passion or you can try and find a site that caters to your personal preferences”.

Christian Mingle & Are Popular

These sites will always come up on top if you search for best dating sites because they have the marketing budget and the smart thinking to advertise on domains like The top 10 dating sites in the UK.  Reviews and ratings encourage singles to visit trusted dating companies.

If you are have signed up to a dating service that is relatively new it means that you can be described as an influencer or early adopter

“My favourite ad for a niche site has to be the one for Christian Mingle. They explain, “If you’re looking for a Christ-centred relationship, the next move is yours.”

The next move is yours? I didn’t think Christians were supposed to have “moves”. I thought the purity rings some wear counteracted the urge to put the moves on anyone. Maybe I was wrong.

I’ve tried with limited success. The same with e-Harmony. I appreciate the effort that old dude and his company are putting in, but the reality is that I end up running into the same train wrecks that I do on the free sites.

If I thought I was getting something for the cash, I could see forking money over, but I don’t feel like I’m getting anything of value”.

If you’ve ever done any Internet dating, you’ve likely run across (POF). I will admit that I’ve met a small handful of nice people there.

When I lived in Canada, I met someone on that site. A couple of someone’s actually. However, the overwhelming majority of people have been either crazy, strange, not honest in their profile or a combination of all three.

I’m sure there are lots and lots of wonderful women on POF, but I can say that I have yet to meet more than a couple of solid ones. I can’t tell you how many women have a profile that says they’re 42, but you would swear in court that she was 60+.

Dishonest Dating Profiles

“Let me disclaim this right now and say: I am in no way making fun of anyone’s weight, whether below average, average or above average. Anything I say is meant to illustrate a point and not ridicule. Hell, I need to lose 45, so no way am I cracking on people’s weight.

That being said, people need to be realistic about what they look like. I tell people that I’m fat and they typically say that I’m not. “It’s no more weight than most people need to lose,” they tell me. I don’t buy that, which is why when I was online dating I put, “A few extra pounds” rather than, “Average.”

Just because everyone in your family is 60-80 pounds overweight, that doesn’t make you average. If you’re a little big, then say so. Some people are looking for that and if you’re stuck in, “Average”, you may get overlooked. If you don’t like being in a certain category, make it your goal to get down to the next level.

Why would you spend months trolling through the big sites looking for the one, when it can be done quicker and easier?

For example, if you’re Jewish, there are sites for you. If you like women with a checkered past, there is a site called Women Behind Bars.

You can correspond with an inmate, then possibly let her beat you, rob you and maybe even kill you shortly after her release. But not until you’ve bought her a new wardrobe and a smooth ride, of course.

Who knew there’s a dating site for Trekkies? I can’t even begin to tell you how lame that sounds to me, but then if there was a dating site for the comic book nerd I’d be all over that and the Trekkies would be calling my comic books lame”.

Warcraft or Genetic Matchmaking?

“If you’re willing to drop a grand for a lifetime membership, you can join Scientific Match and let DNA testing help determine your match. I don’t think Crazy Blind Date needs any further explanation, nor does Bi-Cupid.

Into Ayn Rand?  You can join If World of Warcraft is your thing, then you will want to rush on over to As tempting as that may sound to some of you, please wait until you’re finished here before you do so”.

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