Mai Tai Group

How it works

Mai Tai Balance

  1. Complete the quiz to find out which cool events and happenings match your personality.
  2. Be inspired by the selection of events and workshops.
  3. Discover new passions in your local area.
  4. Join us for exclusive members only events.


Mai Tai Connect

  1. Authenticate before you date (28+ only).
  2. Fill in you Mai Tai Connect card and tell us about you.
  3. Tick up to 3 deal breakers to help us choose your blind date.
  4. Enjoy your date and let us know how it went.


When you are selected for a dinner date what happens?

  • You will be contacted by your Dating Consultant to check your availability.
  • Once the date is agreed you will get an e-mail confirming that a date has been set up.
  • 24 hours before the actual date you will see an area called 'my date' activated on your dashboard. This will have all of the details about the location of the restaurant and the first name of the person you will be meeting.
  • 1 hour before the date you will be able to communicate with your date with the instant messenger function (if you want to). 
  • After the date, you will be asked for very brief feedback via the dashboard and your Dating Consultant will ask you about the dinner date too.